Insight Music

Your Source of Emotional Electronica



Insight Music was founded in 2011 with one key goal, to showcase the talent of the underground music scene. We deliver the purest of emotional electronica to our fans in hope that their music reaches out to those who need it the most.

Originally set up in the city of Sheffield by Stefan Baranowski, Insight Music has now adapted into a UK based record label and promotional company, focusing on Electronica genres such as Ambient, Atmospheric, Chill & Future-Garage. We release music on both digital and physical formats and work alongside a variety of artists, producers & composers worldwide.


We promote genres unique to the underground electronica scene and have a passion for promoting music that makes a difference. 


Composed an EP or album which you’re hoping to release with a label? We’ll work with you every step of the way. 



Complete your music with stunning visuals. Our graphic designer can help wth any requests you have regarding artwork design.



If you’re interested in talking to a member of the team, whether that’s submitting an EP to how things function back stage, be sure to drop us a line.