As an independent record label, we’ve done extremely well to be in the position we are today. Financially, the project has been backed by myself and by the support of generous donations over at our Bandcamp store, one thing I am truly grateful for. My dream is to continue doing what I love in the underground music scene and to create a platform for aspiring musicians and producers to get their music heard.

I’ve created this page on our website as a gateway for supporters of the underground community to help support the label which I’ve spent the last 6 years devoting my life to. We’d love to grow the community and to achieve our goals, so please feel free to donate towards keeping those dreams alive. Your support is always massively appreciated, thank you // Stefan 



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To make a donation to Insight Music using Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, please use the following wallet addresses. 

Bitcoin: 121XTP1VoUvSzvNXL57E8HEvA9Q1XoEVyS

Ethereum: 0xb4b4C49fC6784d8Ad54baD045CE235A0831712B6

Litecoin: LaVHFqCZJWSS2USbNaLcWj2rj3B7iNwYiX