Sinewave Collective Present ‘Luft|Air’

For those of you looking for a more intimate, visually appealing insight into the music we surround ourselves with every day, these are the people that capture that very essence.

Established in early 2018, Sinewave Collective have showcased the unique sound of underground electronica through stunning visual design and captivating stories, with their first official release ‘Jord|Earth‘ published in March 2019. The series told the story of Earth’s creation through music and visual animation, with each song being accompanied by a segment of story, which was praised throughout the community and has even featured on Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch’.

Their latest instalment of captivating content comes in the form of the 6-track series ‘Luft|Air‘, where the story text is integrated within the animation (much like a gaming cutscene) which augments the listening experience.

“The music itself has the sonic intention of the element “Air”, with each artist designing their piece specifically for the project through the use of airy textures, sparse pads and dreamy strings, enhancing a cohesive audio experience throughout. This aids the writing process of the story too.” – Alf & Roo [Sinewave Collective]

The story telling aspect of each video is written by a trio of members from Sinewave Collective, who bounce ideas between each other to ensure the team deliver an inspiring storyline that captivates the viewer. 

Notable artists featured on ‘Luft|Air’ include Chalky & Alicia Kiah, who have both worked recording for Koan Sound, but truly, every artist involved needs an honourable mention. Pensive, Synergy Sound, Tom Hartney , Evoke, Pluvio & Yuhri (fka Chimera) all pay great tribute to making this project what it is.

Become immersed in the Sinewave narrative, and experience music through stunning visual design and captivating stories. Start your journey with episode 1 below, or find your preferred streaming platform via the fanlink here.