Soular Order Releases Below / Waves

Manchester based producer Soular Order releases ‘Below / Waves’ on City By Night Records, a 2-track EP featuring deep atmospheric vibes and ambient euphoria.


Known for their incredible drive and passion for promoting underground musical genres, Jon Maynard, AKA Soular Order, has inspired an array of listeners and artists alike with his incredible music production skills and dedication to the community.

The multi-talented artist recently revealed his latest work on Bandcamp, the 2-track EP ‘Below / Waves‘ released on Monday 31st August via City By Night Records.

Founded in Manchester back in 2012 by Jon, City By Night Records focuses on ambient, downtempo and experimental electronica and has released music from artists such as Alaskan Tapes, Alicks, Subsets, Numback, Rustica and many more, all of which can be viewed here.

Expect to be absorbed by Soular Order’s entrancing ambient landscapes in this neat little 2-track EP.