Thinnen Releases ‘Others Vol.4’

After only 3 weeks since the release of the outstanding ‘Others Vol.3’ album, Manchester-based producer Thinnen drops the latest in the Others series, this is ‘Others Vol.4’.


I’m struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of quality production value that each release from Thinnen offers. ‘Vol.4‘ from the Others series of releases brings captivating imagination and style to his already sterling back catalogue.

Featuring 12 massive hits, the album presents itself as another incredible album from the Manchester-based producer. Without a doubt, the single ‘Save Me’ is a huge track for me personally, featuring everything I love about Thinnen.


Coming up, we have an amazing masterclass session with Thinnen himself, as we discuss everything from their song-writing process to studio setup. Do not miss out!
Grab the latest ‘Others Vol.4’ album via the Bandcamp link below.
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