“With one last smile, she waved goodbye..”

Insight Mix Artwork2

I’m incredibly honoured to be around such a hugely talented group of producers, within a community that feels ever so close with one another. Everyday I feel humbled by the support Insight receives, it amazes me to think that an idea I had 6 years ago has bloomed into a dream which I’m living everyday. The music I share with you replicates that dream.

Ambient music has been a huge part of my life. It’s emotional, It’s powerful and It’s mysterious, bringing comfort to me every time I power up the speakers and take a listen. It’s maybe suited more for the night time, but I’ve certainly found something special introducing this genre to my daily routine.

Our latest Insight mix ‘Infinite Overcast’ is an Ambient / Atmospheric journey which showcases the sounds of Und1fin3d, Hiatus, Jellis & more. Kindly mixed by Wolfe, this 35 minute mix explores everything I love about this genre of music I hold so dear.